MEPC Membership Meeting: Social Security

Date: Thursday, February 25, 2016
Time: 4:00pm - 6:00pm
Location: Portland Country Club
Speaker: Jody Harris, Social Security Consultant

Please join us for this timely educational seminar, where you’ll learn key facts about the Social Security Program, including:

  1. How benefits are calculated

  2. Full retirement age and choosing the right time to file

  3. Receiving benefits while working

  4. Provisional income and tax implications

  5. Options for spouses and ex-spouses

Guest Speaker Jody Harris, Social Security Consultant:

Jody has over 34 years experience working for the Social Security Administration. He has held staff-member positions to both the Commissioner of the SSA and a United States Senator. When he retired from the SSA, Jody held the role of Public Affairs Specialist for the state of Alabama, where he was responsible for all public education and outreach programs within the state. For his outreach work, Jody received the prestigious Deputy Commissioner’s Award, the second highest accolade within the Social Security Administration. In 2001, Jody was the recipient of the Associate Commissioner’s Award for his part on starting the Social Security internet claims process that is currently still in use.

In his current role as a Social Security Consultant, Jody utilizes his extensive experience within the financial community to educate advisors on what to expect from Social Security, how to obtain benefits, and identify sales opportunities within retirement income planning.

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